Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lantern Festival & Gua Tempurung again..

to attend the event, Fun 转中秋夜..

the ever first time i stay in university for such a long time..

from early morning 9am till 11pm..
super tiring while i reach hostel..

the event was successfully carry out but unluckily the rain spoil everything..

the heavy rain sound covered the PA system sound at most of the time..
but all the performer are very professional and responsibility..

they perform in their best even though we cannot actually listen clearly to them.. clap for them and salute..!
thanks Sifu for accompany me to the event and also others..
appreciated.. if not i wouldn't experience the crowd there..

budak & sifu Lantern..

Fun 转中秋夜

sweet sweet sifu.. :P

Grand Tour

visited to Gua Tempurung again for the most challenging caving tour..
Grand Tour of Gua Tempurung..
it cost RM22 per person and took around 3 and half hours for the whole cave trip.. (to be exact, we used 4 and half hours..)
it is a complete journey that visit whole Gua.. from the step cases to Golden Flowstone to Top of the World..
and walk to the end of the cave which at the east side then used the river to return..
3.8km in total..
if you're visiting to Gua Tempurung.. take this cave trip no.4..
totally worth it if compare to the other trip.. though you will get wet and some challenging task are waiting for you..
but it's awesome..!
enjoy it and don't use the shortcut which can skip the challenging task.. haa..
well.. my shoes spoil again after the caving.. ):

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